June 13, 2024

FHA Mortgage Rates And Rent To Own Ratio Are At All Time Lows

Historically speaking, there has never been a better time to purchase a home.  FHA fixed mortgage rates of about 3.75% are the lowest in history and have greatly contributed to lowering the cost of owning a home.  For example, the monthly mortgage payment on a home purchased for $150,000 with the minimum FHA down payment […]

FHA Mortgage Rates Hit All Time Lows As Home Sales Increase

Due to the ongoing financial crisis and flight to safety, investors piled into US government bonds again today, driving interest rates to levels not seen in 50 years.  The 10 year US treasury note, which is the benchmark for mortgage pricing, actually slipped below 2% today before selling off and closing at 2.08%. Ironically, lower […]