February 25, 2024

Is FHA Loan Approval Possible With Outstanding Collections and Judgments?

Applying for a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage typically involves a substantial amount of time, paperwork and out of pocket costs.  The FHA mortgage program, which is widely used by home buyers, has many different rules and regulations that can result in approval delays or a loan turn down. One of the primary purposes of […]

Self Employed FHA Borrowers Subject To New Guidelines

Self employed borrowers have always had to contend with more extensive paperwork requirements and underwriting scrutiny than the typical salaried employee.   The underlying rationale for a more careful examination of a self employed borrower’s situation is based on the fact that self employment income can vary dramatically from year to year and, in addition, […]

Why FHA Borrowers With FICO Scores Below 620 Can’t Get Approved

FHA mortgage programs are the most lenient in the industry and borrowers with low credit scores have frequently had no other options except FHA financing. Current FHA guidelines state that borrowers with credit scores above 580 are qualified for FHA financing with only a 3.5% down payment.  The reality, however, is quite different as very […]

Profile Of The Average FHA Borrower – How Do I Measure Up?

The FHA has become the primary source of mortgage financing for many Americans.  Over the short time span of 2007 to2009, FHA mortgage financing increased by more than 400%. The number of home purchases done using FHA financing exploded from 278,394 in 2007 to 1,109,582 in 2010. The FHA has increased its market share primarily […]

FHA Mortgage Rates Hit All Time Lows As Home Sales Increase

Due to the ongoing financial crisis and flight to safety, investors piled into US government bonds again today, driving interest rates to levels not seen in 50 years.  The 10 year US treasury note, which is the benchmark for mortgage pricing, actually slipped below 2% today before selling off and closing at 2.08%. Ironically, lower […]